Do Wine Labels Really Affect Taste?

Typography influences our perception of a product. Whether it embodies the product’s style, age or price, typography is an important aspect of branding. But here’s what designers have come to learn: typography – and labels in general – can do more than changing the way we view a product; it also affects how it tastes.

While some resist the idea that they’re mostly ruled by visual cues, they play a significantly large role in most people’s buying behaviour.

Aussie Laws Governing Alcoholic Beverage Labelling

Aussie Laws Governing Alcoholic Beverage Labelling

Labelling alcohol products can be slightly more complicated than labelling other food products. To protect both producer and consumer interests, the Wine Australia Corporation Act, 1980 specifies exactly what information a wine label should contain to comply with the law.

Decoding Packaging Design For Artisanal Products

Products that are marketed as being “artisanal” are growing in popularity down the aisles of supermarkets. Often it is the packaging of these products — the colours and fonts used and their overall impact —  rather than what they are, or where they come from, that is the first thing that the consumer notices.  The packaging plays a crucial role in showcasing an artisanal product and differentiating it from a less expensive brand.

Here, we try to unpack what it takes to create packaging for your artisanal product that will make it stand out from the crowd.

Wine labels Melbourne

Wine labels in Melbourne, Victoria 

The best way to get wine labels to your specification is to just call Abacus on 1800 066 344 or email some details and artwork to - we can quickly send some proposals and tweak some art and you will know what you will be getting very soon.

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Mallory Peak Label Paper

Mallory Peak is a specially sourced exclusive label paper that our clients love for its appearance and feel. Label paper selection is a big part of any label design choice and Mallory Peak will make your product visible as a product that exudes that indefinable aura of quality.

Mallory Peak is a rough surface paper with a very white appearance - excellent for red wine use, and can be varnished to increase the ice bucket resistance.

Mallory Peak - strive for the top!


All labels should be client tested for suitability before use.

Barooka - Wine Label Paper

Barooka is an Abacus premium self adhesive label paper, demonstrating a smooth surface and great durability. Highly recommended on bottling lines, and can be matt varnished where a non gloss surface effect is desired. Barooka is popular in the wine bottling area, particularly for the white wines, due to its superior ice bucket performance.

Barooka carries inks and foils well, lends it self to embossing and diecutting, and has also enjoyed success with neck labelling experience.

All labels should be client tested for suitability before use.