Calendar Magnets

Calendar Magnets 

A popular magnet type that we produce is the calendar fridge magnet. When distributed at the correct time of the year, (either nearing the end of the year or the end of the financial year) these magnets help to increase the impact of your message and ensure that your magnet and business details are retained for at least the year to come. Calendar magnets provide daily exposure and are a great way to market your business.

Popular sizes for these are 170mm x 75mm, 210mm x 97mm and 150mm x 90mm and can be printed in an array of designs and shapes, and are laminated with a protective clear film for durability.

Dual Purpose MagnetsDual Purpose Magnets 

A great way to ensure that your magnets are used and kept is to include your desired marketing message along with other information, as a handy reference tool. Some popular options are CPR instructions, useful cooking tips or measurement conversions.

This approach will mean that your promotional message will remain in a prominent position alongside valuable reference information for years to come.

Notepad MagnetsNotepad Magnets 

The inclusion of a notepad with your magnet can truly be a stroke of marketing genius! Great for writing a shopping or to do list, or to use for reminders, the notepad is a handy and functional addition.

This also provides the opportunity to reconnect with the customer, as you can send replacement notepads every 3, 6 or 12 months.

We offer three popular size variations: 90 x 50mm, 60 x 128mm, 100 x 110mm, and can customise these to suit your requirements, if need be.

Whiteboard magnetsWhiteboard Magnets 

Your marketing message, coupled with a blank area for writing messages on equals an appealing promotional item for your business or product.

These popular items are supplied with an erasable whiteboard marker (which is fitted with an eraser and a magnetic cap to hold the marker to the fridge) can be printed with your business branding or contact details.

These items can be used in the home or office and are attractive to customers as they can be used for many purposes. To do lists, shopping lists, reminders and more, these magnets are often used on a daily basis and when your message is printed prominently in the margin it continues to gain exposure for your business or product for years to come.

Available in a range of designs and finishes, these useful promotional items help to promote your business for an extended period of time.

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